Clinton campaign faces questions over its role in Russia dossier

Kristine Frazao, Sinclair Broadcast Group

Nearly a year after the election that put President Donald Trump in the White House, questions swirl about his presidential campaign and that of his opponent.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign along with the Democratic National Committee have now been reported to have made payments to the research firm that put together the now-famous Russia dossier, which allegedly lays out connections between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Former President Barack Obama’s former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says Congress should investigate.

“The committee is going to have to get into this, determine exactly what happened, and who knew what and when,” Panetta told CNN over the weekend.

Who knew what when is at the center of an investigation by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group which has filed multiple lawsuits against government agencies to get more information about the dossier and its author, Christopher Steele.

“The more we have learned the more questions there are,” said Judicial Watch Senior Attorney James Peterson.

Some of those questions according to legal experts:

Who was paid and how much?

Were payments by the DNC and the Clinton campaign reported?

Were the nature of those payments accurately described?

Were attempts made to misrepresentation the facts?

Peterson is among those calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton campaign.

“The idea that a political campaign was able to potentially engineer a criminal investigation is an extraordinarily serious charge,” he said in an interview Monday.

The Department of Justice declined to comment on whether an investigation into the Clinton campaign was planned or already underway.

Attorneys for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign also have declined to comment.

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