92-year-old farmer's harvest invention generates Twitter buzz

    Jim Schippert, 92, engineered an elevator to lift him in his combine. His grandson Jimmy shared it on Twitter, where it has been seen hundreds of thousands of times (Jimmy Sindelar)

    At 92-years-young, a Republican City farmer doesn't let bad knees keep him off the combine at harvest.

    Jim Schippert engineered his own solution to get on the combine, by inventing an elevator to get him up in the cab for wheat harvest.

    He can stand on a platform he built, and a motor lift it straight up to where he can get in.

    His grandson Jimmy Sindelar captured it on video and shared it to Twitter, where it has now been seen more than 350,000 times in the past few days.

    Jimmy says his grandpa remembers hand picking corn as a kid, and these days has built other gadgets in their shop that allow him to keep doing what he loves.

    Jimmy said, “He has had knee trouble in the past, but didn’t want it to stop him from being able to run the combine.”

    Schippert has also built elevators in each of his shops to get to the second level.

    And never expected to become a Twitter sensation.

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