Idaho programmer creates Donkey Kong-type game featuring Harambe

Idaho programmer creates Donkey Kong-type game called Harambe Kong. (KIVI via CNN Newsource)

BOISE, Idaho (WKRC) - A programmer has created a new game that's similar to Donkey Kong, but it's Harambe Kong. It's only in Idaho but Tyler Saling would like to see that expanded.

Gamers play as the gorilla who was famously shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo last year after a boy got down into his habitat. In the game, Harambe runs and jumps to catch food for points but if players touch a child, the game is over in a dramatic, bloody fashion.

Saling said he's been working on the game in his free time for more than a year. He partnered with an arcade bar in the area to give it the full experience.

Some have found the game offensive but Saling said he's using the game to express his dislike for zoos, which only grew after Harambe's death.

Saling would like to sell it to the App Store and Xbox.

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