Homeless man sells cold beverages with positive messages

    Homeless man sells cold beverages with positive messages. (Photo: WPEC)

    COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (CBS12) -- He’s homeless, a convicted felon and at the age of 61, Tyrone is holding down a job where he makes his own hours.

    He was convicted of burglary and since he got out of prison less than a year ago, he’s been doing all he can to keep his head above water. Employers won’t hire him because of his criminal record.

    So he decided to become his own boss by selling ice cold water and soda on the side of a busy off-ramp instead of looking for a hand-out.

    Many times, drivers give him money and don't even take any drinks, because many people know his story and just want to help him get on his feet.

    But it’s not just the cold drinks that attract people.

    As Tyrone points to the signs around him, he asks, “Do you see that? I'm advertising. That's positive advertising. You got to have positivity in your life.”

    His signs are messages of hope, inspiration and motivation as he uses words like respect, integrity and honesty. One sign reads "A reminder about beauty: It's not just about a pretty face, you need to have a beautiful mind, heart and soul."

    That’s the kind of life he lives today.

    On Thursday as he stood in the 90 degree heat where he had been all day long.

    You might think it would be tough, but not for Tyrone.

    “It’s hard, but it’s fair,” he said.

    “I believe that God will help those who help themselves first,” he said. “So you have to step up to the plate before you go out there reaching to the Lord.”

    So what does he do with the money he earns?

    It goes to restocking the drinks, savings as well as some nights Tyrone needs a place to sleep.

    He also tells us others donate drinks to him, as well.

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