Cemetery has problem with Pokemon Go

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Graveside services were being interrupted at St. Joseph's Cemetery because of a popular game.

The signs at New Saint Joseph's told players to stay out. They were stolen. The west side cemetery was full of "pokestops." But the cemetery didn't want to play anymore.

At New St. Joseph's Cemetery there was at least a funeral a day. A final resting place for a loved one should be sort of sacred. When it comes to Pokemon Go... not so much.

"They'll drive right through funeral, they won't stop, no respect whatsoever. Drive through a funeral get to where they have to go," said Superintendent of New St. Joseph's Cemetery, Joe Windt.

Where they have to go were sites in the cemetery where players can collect treasures such as potions and pokeballs. Joe follows them and said players were easy to spot. They drive around the cemetery looking at their cellphones, but never get out and visit a grave. One player ran into a tree.

The golden Virgin Mary was one of the most popular pokestops, according to Joe, who said at times there have been a dozen cars there. One player said the cemetery sites change daily.

Late Thursday, February 16, new signs went up. St. Joseph's hopes Pokemon players get the message. The reality game was disturbing the peace.

The cemetery has asked Nintendo to remove it from the game. The response was that it would review the request.

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