Pickle juice slushies coming to Sonic

Pickle Juice Slushie (Photo courtesy Sonic)

We can confirm the news: Sonic will be selling pickle juice slushies.

You should be able to buy the pickle potion starting in June. We have contacted Sonic and will be conducting a taste test as early as next week.

"We tasted the drink at Sonic's headquarters in Oklahoma City, and it's surprisingly delicious," Food & Wine said in its review of the product. “"Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about. You won't understand why, but you'll keep going back for more sips, likely until it's all gone.”

“Quite simply, pickle juice is fun,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development. “Nothing says summer like a SONIC slush and only SONIC can bring a completely on trend beverage flavor into 3,500 restaurants. The Pickle Juice Slush launches nationwide in June for a limited time only.”

Sonic has also confirmed that you will be able to add pickle juice to any of their drinks.

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