Someone You Should Know: Memories of a Mustang

    Heidi Welsh's uncle had a V8 Ford Mustang that was distinct. (WHAM photo)

    (WHAM) - Heidi Welsh has a thing for Mustangs. One Mustang in particular. Her memories of that car have remained clear through the years.

    "Dreaming to drive it. Sitting and pretending that I was the coolest girl in the world," she recalled.

    It was her uncle's car. But Heidi's parents would store it in their barn. And she would sit in it, and dream. That is, until the day her uncle sold the 1978 Ford Mustang, and dashed her dreams of it becoming hers when she turned 16.

    "He always said it had too much power for me, and I would never be able to drive it. And I wanted to prove him wrong," Heidi said.

    But she never got the chance.

    That was 17 years ago. Now, as a mother of three on a tight budget, she knew buying that old car would be out of the question. Plus, she had no idea where it was.

    People would tell her it was just a car.

    "Puke green," Heidi said.

    Others made fun of the old V-8. But not Heidi.

    A few months ago, her boyfriend found a car that looked a lot like the old Mustang in a Craigslist ad. Heidi took a look and knew right away it was the car. It was Uncle Bob's.

    The color, an old Virginia registration sticker and a dent in the back were all the proof she needed. And after all these years, the car was only a few miles away in Seneca Falls.

    The car is now in Heidi's garage. She bought it in October, with help from some friends.

    And she surprised her Uncle Bob by driving it to a family wedding. She still can't believe it's hers.

    There's one other thing she can't believe. The day Heidi brought the car home, she found a tape in the cassette player. It was one of her old mix tapes she would listen to in the car when she was a girl, when she was too young to drive it. But not too young to dream that it might be hers one day.

    Just a car?

    "It’s not just a car," Heidi said. "It’s a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl."

    A dream that came true. Heidi Welsh never gave up on that dream. And that's why she is Someone You Should Know.

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