Someone You Should Know: Sean and Stephanie Fleming

    On Saturday, Sean and Stephanie Fleming kept their journey together going as they got married. Their story makes them each Someone You Should Know. (WHAM photo)

    Mt. Morris, N.Y. (WHAM) - A wedding day is a beginning for the bride and groom, a start of a journey through life together.

    But just getting to that wedding day can be a journey in itself.

    On Saturday, Sean and Stephanie Fleming were married - continuing a journey that makes the couple Someone You Should Know.

    At the wedding in Mt. Morris, Sean shed a few tears as the ceremony got started. Family and friends did the same as the bride and groom took their vows.

    The "in sickness and in health" part was especially meaningful for the couple.

    "Today I married my best friend of five years and we're both going on three years sober - and it's just wonderful," Sean said. "I couldn't be happier."

    Both Sean and Stephanie Fleming are recovering addicts. They once used together. And now they don't - together.

    "It helps to have someone who understands and knows what you're going through," Stephanie said.

    Some may remember Sean from an interview in 2017, when he was in the Livingston County Jail. He shared his story of how drugs had landed him behind bars.

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    "It's almost the good angel and the bad devil," Sean said during our 2017 conversation. "It literally is a mental battle between almost two separate people."

    A few months after that jailhouse conversation, Sean was out of jail, had started his construction business and was looking forward to this wedding day. Now that day has come, and their journey from addiction to a new life continues, one day at a time.

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