Community weighs in on Opioid Epidemic following 13WHAM Town Hall Special

Four inmates shared their stories on addiction, and hopes for recovery. (WHAM photo)

Wednesday night, 13WHAM aired a one hour Town Hall Special Your Voice Your Future, Opioid Epidemic: A Jailhouse Conversation. It featured four inmates inside the Livingston County Jail, all behind bars because of their addiction to heroin. Our hope in airing this special was to not only bring awareness to the issue, but to start a much needed conversation surrounding the opioid crisis that has impacted so many people in our community, and nationwide.

Since airing the special, 13WHAM has received a ton of feedback from viewers via email and social media. Below are just a few of the comments we have received.

This was the greatest show! Thanks Wham for changing lives. Thanks to the Sheriff and those that shared their stories! Doug did a great job! Wow that’s what TV should be doing more of. Thanks to all involved. Great Job!!!
Your special program hosted by Doug in the Livingston county jail was EXCELLENT! Thank you for putting on such an informative program and NOT having commercial interruption.
Great program on addiction would be a good ongoing program. Thanks.
Great Job Team and especially Doug! I have been watching channel 13 for years and that was by far the best segment I have seen. I am a local teacher and I taught in Rochester for 14 years previously, the sad things I have seen. We need to be talking about this and we also need to be listening. I hope this continues because we as a community need so much help. I loved the way that you focused on solutions and the sheriff was really understanding and realistic about the problem as well. That was a broadcast you should be proud of! Thank you!
Doug, thanks for airing the show from LCJ this evening. I hope many people watched. This is such a problem that most people do not understand. I have a person in my office who's daughter suffers from addiction. For those not effected its hard to understand. Your show tonight was a true eye opener.
I just wanted to drop a line and say a heartfelt "Thank You" for doing your report tonight on the Opioid epidemic.
Just watched your program on opioid epidemic. Very good. Very powerful. Hearing directly from the addicts makes the problem so credible and poignant. Great to hear their stories but very sad.
Kudos to you and Channel 13 for having the courage to feature a conversation with our addiction community. Treatment court team members in all of our counties communicate with each other every day trying to keep these people alive. You’ve given special meaning to those of us who spend so much time in this arena.

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