RIT welcoming first Exercise Science majors into program

    (Photo: RIT)

    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – The Rochester Institute of Technology will welcome its first freshman class into the Exercise Science Program this fall.

    “We foresee opportunities for students to work in both of those areas, as strength and conditioning trainers with athletes as well as clinical health fitness specialists who are working with people who have chronic disease to be able to use exercise to enhance and improve their functional capacity and reduce their risk of disease complications,” said program Director Bill Brewer.

    Brewer said the program was first developed in the 2015-16 school year. He said job opportunities in the Health and Fitness industry are promising, and RIT hopes to incorporate technology to the program in the future.

    Likely clients in this field are athletes like Devin Liu, an RIT student volunteer for an exercise science class. His body profile includes powerlifting and body building.

    "Along the way I developed some muscular imbalances and injuries,” said Liu. “The biggest thing I wanted to get out of this training session with the students here was to have some sort of a rehab process for me to fix my injuries.”

    Liu’s training sessions are going on three weeks now, and it’s actually class time for Serena Tatge, an exercise science major.

    "Once I got injured and I couldn't run,” said Tatge who ran competitively in high school. “I looked for other ways to stay active and I found lifting, and I found a way that lifting can make you stronger and better."

    Tatge is a student of RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf. "Once I graduate with my major, I’m hoping to be a personal trainer that stands out from the rest and be able to take in more clients and expand to even more by taking in the deaf community too."

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