Share your streaming accounts? What to check before handing out your password

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    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - More and more people are cutting the cord on cable and switching to streaming services. Password sharing on those services is also becoming popular.

    Matt Morante ditched cable a few years ago.

    "Two reasons,” he said. “Price and convenience.”

    Morante now strictly uses streaming services.

    "Netflix has any show you want, Hulu has any show you want, anytime you want to watch it,” said Morante.

    He isn't alone. Cable and satellite TV providers lost more than a million customers this summer, the biggest drop ever.

    "The vast majority of us want to cut the cord and move to on-demand or on-demand streaming,” said Raj Murthy, J. Warren McClure Professor of Marketing at RIT’s Saunders College of Business.

    Murthy says people aren't just streaming - they are sharing.

    "So, I get Hulu and I get my friend to gets me Netflix and we share the passwords so we can both be binge watching shows at the same time,” said Murthy.

    It's something Morante's family does.

    "I can pay for one thing, my brother can pay for another thing and my sister pays for another thing and we all share it together,” said Morante.

    Sharing streaming is a bit of a gray area. Each service has different rules.

    "Some companies are actually facilitating it, giving you two streams simultaneously so you and a partner could watch it at the same time. Others are grappling with that situation, like what level of sharing can we provide,” said Murthy.

    It's important to review the terms of service for each provider, but the trend of password sharing will likely only grow as more people turn to streaming.

    "I don't know any friends of mine that have cable or satellite, not one. I asked everyone." said Morante.

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