The Faces of Addiction: Michayla Welytok

    Mug shot: Michayla Welytok. (Photo: Livingston County Sheriff's Office.)

    "Why does anybody to anything?" Because it feels good? Because people feel like they're lacking something and they think think they're gonna find it?"

    At one time, Michayla Welytok though she had addiction beat, and then relapsed.

    She says heroin became a necessity, but not for euphoria.

    "You're going to get sick when you come off of it no matter who you are," says Michayla. "Basically, I wasn't using to get high, I was using because I couldn't stand being sick," she says.

    Now a young mother and in jail, she admits falling back is simple.

    "If you want to use all it takes is half a second and you're doing it," she says. "It's a disease and that's what diseases do, they try to kill you."

    You can hear more of Michayla's story Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on 13WHAM in our special Town Hall report - The Opioid Epidemic: A Jailhouse Conversation.

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