The Faces of Addiction: Sean Fleming

    Mug shot: Sean Fleming. (Photo: Livingston County Sheriff's Office.)<p>{/p}

    Sean Fleming says he grew up in a completely alcohol and drug free home.

    Just a few years ago he was at Niagara University on a full-ride vocal music scholarship. He says he was very driven.

    "I had big dreams. When I was a kid I held the lead in every show," said Fleming.

    But by the second semester at Niagara, he was out of school and addicted to drugs.

    “It ruined my life in a six-month period,” said Sean. “It took hold of me very quickly and led me down a path that I definitely am not going back to," he said.

    Sean hopes to stay clean, but is worried about the inevitable choices he will face,

    “To me, I literally fight a battle day-to-day in my own head over using drugs and, for that matter, any drug, not just heroin, but any drug,” said Sean.

    You can hear more of Sean's story Wednesday at 8: 00 p.m. on 13WHAM in our special Town Hall report - The Opioid Epidemic: A Jailhouse Conversation.

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