Congresswoman Slaughter: Audit of health program for veterans

Congresswoman Slaughter

Rochester, N.Y. - Congresswoman Louise Slaughter announced Thursday that she has secured an audit of health program designed to improve medical care for veterans in Rochester and across the country.

This federal audit will cover the Department of Veterans Affairs' implementation and management of the Veterans Choice Program.

VCP was intended to allow veterans to receive care from local, non-VA health provider of their choice if they would otherwise be force to wait more than 30 days or travel more than 40 miles for care.

However, after hearing from constituents that the program wasn't providing adequate care, Rep. Slaughter has decided to push the Government Accountability Office to conduct a comprehensive review of the VA's ability to implement and properly manage the program.

"The Veterans Choice Program was created to ease access to care. However, after hearing concerns from my constituents, I want to make sure that the program works as it was intended. That is why I have asked the GAO to conduct this review," said Rep. Slaughter.

In summer 2014, more than 120,000 veterans were waiting more than 125 days for health care services.

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