Alleged terror plot was suspected to happen at Merchants Grill - owner says

Merchants Grill, the supposed target for Lutchman's terror plot.

Rochester, N.Y. - The alleged terror plot against a Rochester restaurant or bar was supposed to happen at Merchants Grill, according to owner John Paige.

Paige told 13WHAM three federal agents stopped by his bar 11 a.m. Thursday to tell him.

Paige said the terror suspect Emanuel Lutchman is a familiar face in the neighborhood.

"He's been around the neighborhood for quite some time. He's a panhandler," said Paige. "A lot of businesses have asked him to leave, including myself."

Merchants Grill is a neighborhood bar frequented by regulars who can walk from their homes.

David Seward is one of them. "You always think of terrorism as being somewhere else, faraway, but now it's in your own front yard."

Mayor Lovely Warren said at a media event early Thursday evening, right now there is no specific threat in Rochester of a terror attack.

Authorities have yet to confirm if Merchants Grill is the location for the alleged New Year's Eve terror attack.

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