Boutique hotel proposed at Schoen Place

(WHAM photo)

Pittsford, N.Y. - Right alongside the Erie Canal in the Village of Pittsford is Schoen Place, popular for dining, shopping and walking.

"It's a very family-friendly area," said Amelia Holmquist of Pittsford, "We do come down here a lot and patronize Aladdin's and Lock 32."

There's a piece of Schoen Place, though, that stands out from the rest: The old bean mill. It's right beside the Flour Mill, and the buildings are considered historical, last used in 1996.

"That has been sort of the last undeveloped component of Schoen Place," said Village Mayor Bob Corby. "To have activity there and fill in the gap is a very positive thing for Schoen Place."

Local developer Wilmorite is proposing to redevelop that site and the farm land behind it, turning it into a destination boutique hotel, spa and restaurant.

“The potential project is very preliminary - we have had only a brief conversation with the mayor, and there is already a lot of excitement and talk about the potential project. We look forward to presenting the concepts to the various village boards,” said Paul Wilmot, President of Wilmorite. “This project is very different from anything else that has been proposed in the Village of Pittsford, and we are hoping that the community sees its value and uniqueness.”

Corby said he hopes the original buildings will be preserved. "Rehabilitation of those buildings, I think, will be an important element that will hopefully be accomplished through this project."

While 25 Schoen Place's future is yet to be seen, the building, once used to weigh red kidney beans, is now a favorite attraction for photography.

"A lot of local photographers will actually come over here and frame their subjects behind some of the buildings here, because they are interesting looking," said Andrew Woodard, Pittsford resident.

Pittsford residents told 13WHAM they'd like to see the property redeveloped into restaurants and bars with outdoor seating and office spaces.

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