Brighton neighborhood peppered with papers promoting "white Rochester"

Papers promoting a white supremacist website were found in Brighton (WHAM photo)

Pittsford, N.Y. - First Pittsford, now Brighton.

Slips of paper, promoting an apparent white supremacist website, were left overnight in driveways of homes for the second time this month.

What Howie Jacobson thought to be a scrap of paper on his driveway turned out to be anything but. "There's a pebble folded over in the paper and stapled," he said, describing what he found.

On the other side, a message- "Make Rochester great again," and a website that promotes "the European white race(s)." There is no indication who has set up the website or how many people have signed up to volunteer. "

"It's just disturbing. We're a community that works together," said Jacobson. 'We have a lot of diversity that is working and to have this - it's nonsense."

The papers were left at homes on Sandringham, Trevor Court and Ambassador Drive in Brighton. That's where we found the Dahle's out for their regular walk. "I just don't get it," said Stan Dahle. "I don't understand why a small group of hateful people just go around spreading hate."

"Rochester is not a racist area and people have spoken up against it," said Veronica Dahle. "It's really awful what they're trying to achieve." Pittsford residents rallied against racism after similar slips of paper were left in neighborhoods last month. The Monroe County Sheriffs Department is investigating both incidents.

Jacobson hopes his neighbors can provide a little help. "One of us in the neighborhood that might have a security camera could have caught them last night because there are a lot of people who have cameras here," he said.

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