Competition for cable services coming to Rochester area

Frontier is looking to start cable services in Rochester (Photo: Frontier)

Rochester, NY - The Rochester area could finally have some competition when it comes to the choice of their cable company.

Frontier Communications is planning to launch Vantage TV in the Rochester area by the end of year.

"For consumers, it’s absolutely critical to have choice," said Elena Kilpatrick, Frontier Communications Senior Vice President and General Manager of New York Operations.

The company has been an internet provided in the region for years, and hopes to use its large fiber network to carry programming.

The company also wants to provide a challenge to Time Warner Cable and while the channel lineup is still being decided, they hope to attract even those who have turned to online streaming devices.

"Netflix, for example - through Vantage TV, we have a specific channel that would be dedicated to Netflix," said Kilpatrick.

For customers weighing their viewing options, the more choices, the better.

"I think if it lowers prices, I would be a happy camper," said Ryan Walter.

"More competition can better the product, and everyone is happy when that happens," said Brandon Lane.

Frontier Communications tells 13WHAM it has met with more than three dozen towns and villages in the region to help craft their product to fit the area's needs. The prices for cable packages are still being determined.

The company is hoping to launch Vantage TV by the end of the year.

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