Contractor accused of cashing checks, not doing work

Andrew Northrop of Platinum Renovations is accused of cashing checks from his own clients, but not finishing the job (Provided photo)

(WHAM) - A contractor who said a home builder did not pay him for work he did back in January is accused of cashing checks from his own clients, but not finishing the job.

Amy and Brian Renno said he left their home a shell.

"He had the same situation happen to him and he did the same to us," Brian Renno told 13WHAM News. "He has got to know how this feels."

The Rennos said they were out $5,000 for work they paid Andrew Northrop of Platinum Renovations to do.

"Four weeks later, we had a house that was wrapped in polar wrap with about 10 pieces of siding attached to it," Amy Renno said.

In January, 13WHAM News interviewed Andrew Northrop when he said he was the victim of a home builder failing to pay him for his work. Northrop claims he received a $3,100 check from Tru-Build for part of the work on a Henrietta home, but that check bounced.

The Rennos said Northrop wrote and signed a contract saying if he did not reimburse them, they could go to local news stations and take their frustrations to social media.

"Day after day, excuse after excuse," the Rennos said. "'I'll be there tomorrow, I'll be there tomorrow, I'll be there tomorrow.'"

Andrew Northrop told 13WHAM News every day for one week that he would do an interview with us showing us he did nothing wrong. Then he told us he came to an agreement with the Rennos.

The Rennos claim that was a blatant lie.

"The promise to do a job and that not come back on that promise and keep your money - I'd say that's a scam artist," Brian Renno added.

The Better Business Bureau said Northrop's company, Platinum Renovations, is not accredited.

"There are four or five addresses for him linked to business," Brian Renno said. "It's tough to know where he's from."

The Rennos said it's important to do your research and make sure it's thorough.

"Dig deep - do a background check," the Rennos added. "References can be friends. We started to dig deep and some skeletons really came out of the closest. "

The Rennos said they will be opening an investigation with the Attorney General's office. They said they don't want this to happen to another family.

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