Cord-cutters bringing back rabbit ears

Cord-cutters are bringing rabbit ears back in style, but in a sleek and modern fashion.

Kevin Van Allen of Avon cut the cord on cable two months ago. “I'm about $120 bucks less a month and have a better product in my mind," he said.

The lawyer says it’s cost effective, and he found a formula that fits his TV-watching preferences, as well as that of his wife’s and four young daughters.

"Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Prime - which I already had anyways, even when I had cable - Netflix, which I had anyways, DirecTV Now and HBO Now,” said Van Allen. “You can get a digital antenna that picks up all your local channels, so you’re not missing out there either."

Antenna prices can be as low as $13 and go as high as over $100.

The Best Buy in Henrietta even has a display showing curious customers their options should they choose to cut cable, and over-the-air antennas that looks nothing like the old rabbit ears.

"Most people don't even know that that's the antenna,” said Ben Hasenauer. “It's not this obnoxious thing that's sticking up out of everywhere. It's nice and out of the way, especially the Leaf - that's designed for that."

"Cable and internet, we're just over $200 per month,” said Brian Leavitt, who’s trying to convince his family to cut cable. “I would be able to save more than half that monthly bill. We're on Netflix ,$12 dollars a month subscription, and that takes care of just about everything we need."

Van Allen says he has zero regrets. "There was just something liberating about cutting the cable about sort of doing my own thing, how I want to do it. It just felt like I was empowered to sort of take that back."

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