Cornell researchers: 4 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

Why you can't quit Facebook (WLUC)

If you are finding it difficult to quit or "break up" with Facebook, researchers at Cornell University have found you are not alone.

New research suggests four main reasons why the social media site is so difficult to let go.

"There was one individual who said, 'Every time I open my Internet browser, my finger just goes to the "f" key and I start typing facebook without even thinking,'" said Eric Baumer, a research associate at Cornell.

Baumer said this trait falls under the "perceived addiction" factor of why it's so hard to get rid of Facebook.

Privacy and surveillance can be another reason why someone goes back to the social media site.

This group of Facebook users wants to influence what others think.

"What we're think is happening there is people who are more concerned with impression management are more likely to go back to Facebook," Baumer explained. "Because if you're not on Facebook, you can't do a really good job of managing what other people are thinking of you."

Baumer added mood also plays a role.

The better mood a person is in, the more likely they are to remain off of Facebook.

Finally, using other social media sites is also a factor.

People were able to stay away if a different social media platform replaced what they were getting from Facebook.

"However, if that use of social media was coupled with the change of the role of social media in their lives such as people talked about going back to Facebook and unfriending hundreds of people or completely starting over, with those kind of renegotiations, people were more likely to go back to Facebook," Bauman said.

Baumer cautioned that the goal of this research was to gather information.

Neither he, the researchers he worked with, nor Cornell University are attempting to discourage people from using Facebook or social media.

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