Drexel's father responds to reports of daughter's rape, murder

Chad Drexel, the father of Brittanee Drexel, responded Monday to the report on Friday about the manner of her death (WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - The father of Brittanee Drexel responded Monday to new details about his daughter's murder, including the name of a suspect and gruesome details in court papers about how Brittanee was killed.

Reports published Friday stated an FBI agent testified about an inmate's account of Brittanee's kidnapping. According to the report, a federal court transcript shows the agent describing the testimony of a prison inmate who has knowledge that Drexel was kidnapped in July 2009 while in Myrtle Beach, then was gang-raped, shot, then her dead body was put into a swamp filled with alligators near McClellanville, South Carolina.

Chad Drexel, Brittanee's father, says he hired private investigators and has proof linking Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor to Brittanee's murder. He criticized family members of Da'Shaun Taylor for claiming he is innocent.

Drexel said the FBI and private investigators had shared some of this information with him and Brittanee's mother, Dawn, earlier in the investigation.

In the statement, Chad added that he knows "other specific evidence that [he] can NOT disclose at this time...which corroborates these testimonies." The family has additional information and evidence, Chad states, that they are "unable to disclose at this time."

The full statement can be read below:

I would like to set the record STRAIGHT with a STRONG REPLY to Joan Taylor's comments to the Post Courier in South Carolina this past Friday.
Based on evidence the FBI and the Myrtle Beach Police department has gathered, along with FACTS and SPECIFIC INFORMATION gathered from a team of Private Investigators that I HIRED to work with local law enforcement actively during the case (which will SOON COME TO LIGHT) – we have no doubt Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor played a significant role in the abduction and murder of my daughter.
Of course the mother of Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor is going to defend her son – as a father I can understand a need to defend your children. What I DON’T understand is defending your children when you must KNOW the truth. Her assumptions and words stated have been verified INCORRECT and couldn’t be farther from the TRUTH. We know Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor was witnessed by others (Witnesses NOT IN JAIL) with my daughter – we are just praying that they do the RIGHT thing and stop forward with what they know. Additionally he has been seen and followed to the EXACT area where my daughter's DNA was found. Joan Taylor claimed that the FBI and government are falsely accusing her son because of witnesses IN JAIL?! Well, we have other specific evidence, that I can NOT disclose at this time for the safety of my daughters case, which corroborates these testimonies!! Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor is KNOWN to be involved in dog fighting, bringing drugs to parties, and raping women (mostly Caucasian young women) he either picks up UNWILLINGLY or friends of friends that end up being drugged and taken there. This IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!! There is a TON more "EVIDENCE and HORRIBLE INFO" we would like the PUBLIC in that area be aware of for their safety, but we are unable to disclose at this time.
WITHOUT A DOUBT ..........Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor is a suspect in my daughter's Disappearance and Murder! My family and I will be following the FBI's requests to keep specific details in our daughter’s case under wrap until THIS HORRIBLE PIECE OF TRASH goes to Prison for Life. After the guilty verdict, we will be happy to dispel these fairy tales that are being spun by Timothy’s family. It is disgraceful the way this FAMILY and their FRIENDS are supporting and claiming innocence of a "PROVEN" FELON without even looking at the evidence presented and the FACTS surrounding the case.
Also adding this PIECE OF TRASH photo so everyone can see WHO HE IS!
Please keep our family and our Brittanee in your prayers!
Chad Drexel
Father of Brittanee M Drexel
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