Family thanks bus driver who watched over their son with Down syndrome

Family thanks bus driver Scott Reynolds who watched over their son with Down syndrome (WHAM Photo)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) -- Ty Coppola doesn't say much but then neither did his longtime bus driver, Scott Reynolds. That's how the two became buddies. Reynolds said he could communicate with Ty without saying a word.

The same was true for Ty, who has Down syndrome.

The two bonded over many bus rides to and from school for the past decade. Mike and Cheryl Coppola worried when Scott told them a few months ago that he planned to retire. They worried it would be hard for Ty to understand why he wouldn't see Scott everyday. Ty likes having constants in his life and Scott was a constant.

But his parents prepared him for that day and found they were emotional too when they attended Scott's retirement party. They not only surprised him by coming to the party with Ty, they brought a special gift.

A gift of thanks.

They wrote a letter to Scott thanking him for watching over their son. It was read at the party. Mike Coppola said it's hard to put into words how much Scott has meant to Ty, He said Scott " isn't just a bus driver but has become almost like a second father or brother."

Scott got emotional describing his reaction to hearing this praise from the family. He said he loves Ty and always understood him and tried to make his day easier.

Reynolds is single and has no children but said the 12 kids on his bus every day, including Ty. "were like his own children."

Ty got to see Scott again Wednesday as his parents stopped by to visit the bus driver for the first time since he retired. Ty couldn't stop grinning as he sat on the bus next to Scott. TY never said a word, but did not have to speak.

Scott understood it all. He gets Ty and said he misses him.

Reynolds says the letter Ty's parents wrote to him was the best gift he has ever received. He got choked up hearing it again as Mike Coppola read it out loud.

Scott told us he has been driving Ty since the 19 year old was in grade school.

Ty has a new driver now and is doing well at School of the Holy Childhood, but if he could speak, his parents say he would say the same thing they did--"thanks Scott for watching out for me."

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