Erosion fears grow as lake levels continue to rise

(WHAM photo)

Hamlin, N.Y. – The worst is yet to come as hundreds brace for the possibility of coastal flooding along Lake Ontario.

“We’ve never seen anything close to what we are seeing now,” said Debra Shores of Hamlin. “It’s devastating.”

Break walls are failing Debra, and so are the 300 sandbags that once bordered her front yard. Many of them are gone.

Lake water has eaten up at least eight feet of land on her lake house due to erosion – land she doesn’t expect she’ll ever see again.

“It’s washed away more every single day,” she said.

Reality is now setting in. Most insurance companies don’t cover erosion. Craig Bruno owns Insurance Trak in Irondequoit. He said erosion and flooding typically go hand-in-hand – and if you live in a flood zone, read your policy carefully.

“It’s going to be more expensive because you’re in a high-hazard area. There’s flood zones that are near bodies of water,” he said.

“It’s definitely a good thing that you want to get in place,” he added. “Even if you are not really in the most flood-prone area, it’s not that expensive.”

Dave Smith said he’s covered. His lake house in Hamlin is surrounded by dozens of sandbags just in case.

“The biggest fear is that water isn't going to be going out anytime soon,” he told 13WHAM.

“What we have now is dangerous,” he added.

Make sure you know what type of coverage you have, because flooding from your pipes, for example, falls under a different coverage plan than one that would focus on rising lake water.

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