Hotel or apartments for Finger Lakes Resort project


Canandaigua, N.Y. – Money has run dry for the Finger Lakes Resort Project in Canandaigua, and now the developer says his only option for financing is converting the hotel into apartments.

Mayor Ellen Polimeni says the ball is in developer David Genecco’s court. If he wants to build apartments he needs to submit the proposal to the planning commission.

John Kerr has lived in Canandaigua for 40 years and frequently runs along the north end of Canandaigua Lake.

Kerr said construction at Pinnacle North progresses every day, with apartments ready for lease starting this spring.

The resort project has been at a standstill since the summer of 2015.

"It's unfortunate for the City of Canandaigua to have to deal with this and we're sitting on a piece of property that is so special and so unique to Canandaigua and to the residents of the Town and the City,” said Kerr.

Thursday night Genecco’s consultant told city council the resort project is the mistake on the lake and said he has two letters of intent for financing should the project ditch hotels for apartment rentals.

“The only thing that would change is that it wouldn't be a hotel,” said David Pelusio, project consultant. “It would be a conference center, restaurant, accommodate the conference center and the locals, business and the outside season and some additional docking.”

City Council members told the consultant a hotel has been a long-standing vision in Canandaigua’s development, and the property is zoned for commercial use.

“Do we snap and buy something cheap because it's there and it's available, or do we wait to get what we want to pass on a legacy for this community and for our kids to have something that is wonderful,” said David Whitcomb, Councilman-at-Large and PUD Chair.

Supporters of a hotel say a conference center with apartments doesn’t make sense.

“Even for weddings, people with weddings want some place to stay that their guests come to and you're eliminating that totally.”

"It's kind of like an eyesore to look at but if they made it into apartments I think that'd be kind of cool and we can always use more apartments,” said college student Megan McAllister.

Genecco told 13WHAM Friday he is still trying to move the project forward and are hoping to do it trough the Planned Unit Development.

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