Hunger For Success

    What if someone guaranteed you could lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days?

    Would you try it?

    Dr. Matt's Custom Fat Loss Program at Restoration Wellness offers that guarantee to customers.

    Dr. Matt Boheen tells 13 WHAM News it is an offer in good faith that he stands behind.

    Bob Martin is one such person who decided to try Dr. Matt's Custom Fat Loss Program. He agreed to let our reporter Patrice Walsh follow him as he went through the program.

    Martin was tired of not fitting in airplane seats and not being able to use the equipment at the gym because he was too big. He said it was embarrassing.

    At one point, Bob tipped the scales at nearly 460 lbs.

    He watched a friend lose weight through the program and that inspired him to try it out. Now he is looking forward to his weekly weigh-in session.

    "I can't wait for the next day to see how much weight I lost," Martin told 13WHAM News.

    Within the first week of the program, Martin said he lost 26 pounds. It's been three weeks now and he is down almost 50 pounds compared to his starting point.

    "Clothes that didn't fit me that I saved because of "some day"...well, today is some day and that gives me hope," Martin said.

    Dr. Matt Boheen guarantees people can lose 20-40 lbs. in 40 days.

    "It's not about a pill, it's not about the food," Dr. Matt said.

    Dr. Matt said the reason people can't lose weight in because their metabolism is out of whack. He uses technology to find out why.

    "We talk about fat loss. Very few weight loss places talk about that," Dr. Matt said. "We want to make sure every pound you're losing is fat, not muscle."

    Patients keep a food journal and follow a strict diet. For the first month they follow the program, they are not allowed to eat carbs, dairy or pork.

    Patients are prescribed supplements, vitamins and minerals which Dr. Boheen said helps reset their metabolism, and remove any blockages caused by chemicals in food, artificial sweeteners and hormones.

    "Everything that happens happens organically," Dr. Matt said. "Your body wants to be healthy; we remove the blockages. We're correcting the metabolism and letting the weight come off as it should."

    Mike Sheflin, a firefighter from LeRoy, was skeptical of the idea, thinking it sounded too good to be true. But Mike said he was desperate to lose weight.

    "When I hit 400 pounds, I said, 'That's enough,'" Sheflin said. "It's a lot easier making the decision when you know there's a guarantee behind it."

    Sheflin lost 150 pounds while on the plan and is still losing weight six months later.

    Debra David told 13WHAM News the first month was challenging. But she met her goal and lost 30 pounds. After that, she wanted to lose more - so she did it again.

    David has lost a total of 84 pounds and said she no longer craves the foods that caused her to gain weight.

    "It's a change. Bow I eat because I have to not because I want to," David explained. "It works very well. I wasn't this small in high school. I feel great. It's an amazing program, there's nothing hidden in there, no drugs, all healthy all natural."

    So what happens if it doesn't work?

    Dr. Matt says he offers the guarantee as a measure of good faith - but can't promise weight loss if people don't follow the plan.

    "If you're out there still visiting McDonald's four to five times a week or eating your box of donuts, it's going to be hard for us to make any kind of progress," Dr. Matt said.

    Patients who have success said it's the first time they have lost weight and kept it off.

    Dr. Matt said that's the idea behind the program.

    "You shouldn't lose it if you're not going to keep it off," Dr. Matt said.

    Martin said he wants to lose about 80 more pounds, but is encouraged every time he has to tighten his belt or buy smaller clothes.

    "I'm like *this* close to getting into another size pants," Martin said. "It's things like that."

    The cost of the program ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

    Depending on the person and amount of weight they need to lose.

    As always, you should check with your doctor before trying any weight loss program.

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