Police: 300 people in streets amid fights as East End bars close

Rochester Police broke up large fights at East Ave. and Alexander St. early Friday morning.

Rochester, N.Y. - Rochester Police used pepper spray and a taser to break up a large fight that started as the bars were letting out for the night Early Friday.

They say several groups of people were seen fighting near East Ave. and Alexander Street around 2 a.m.

Eight people were in Rochester City Court Friday morning to face disorderly conduct and other charges after the fight.

Some took community service; others will be returning to court at a later date.

According to court paperwork, as many as 300 people were out in the streets in the East End near East Avenue and Alexander Street. Some of those arrested are accused of fighting, while others refused to leave when asked by officers.

Approximately 40 Rochester Police officers responded to the fights, according to court papers.

Shaka Warnick was out celebrating a friend's birthday in the area when he said he was wrongfully arrested.

"As we're leaving the club by Cam's Pizza, there was just a lot of commotion," Warnick said. "A lot of fights going on and police were just making incorrect arrests they were just arresting people for no reason."

Tara Courtney lives nearby. She says she rides her bike home most nights.

"I make sure none of my valuables are visible," Courtney said. "I usually let someone know when I am travelling home-- just in case I don't make it home."

One person was taken to the hospital as a precaution after officers deployed a Taser. There is no word of any serious injuries.

Several were arrested for public disturbance offenses.

According to police, there were no notable injuries to report of anyone that was involved in the fight or of anyone that was arrested.

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