Several arrested as result of license plates readers at Eastview Mall

New license plate readers have been installed at Eastview Mall (WHAM photo)

Ontario County, N.Y. - The recently-installed license plate readers at the entrances of Eastview Mall are helping to crack down on known shoplifting groups in our area.

The license plate readers were installed at Eastview in November. The goal is to identify and detect criminals, missing persons or stolen cars.

Some shoppers say this is good news.

"I definitely think it'll keep us safer, if they have cameras and are getting the bad guys,” said Barry Rogenmoser. “I think it's a good thing."

Deputies arrested and charged six people in their 20s, with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

"The mall is big place, so the more surveillance they have, the better," said Joel Vickers.

When the readers scan plates, it alerts deputies.

“Say a stolen vehicle that has been identified in known shoplifting, they will get an immediate email notifying them that that vehicle has entered Eastview Mall,” Povero said.

"I like the fact that the law is being enforced and people aren't going to be able to get away with some of the things they've been able to get away with,” Vickers adds.

The technology has allowed deputies to arrest three suspects for shoplifting in Monroe and Ontario Counties in a stolen car. That car was recovered.

This week, two people were arrested for allegedly stealing merchandise from the Express store at Eastview.

Povero said the motivation behind these shoplifting rings is substance abuse.

"We see groups of people that will band together to support a shoplifting or retail theft effort,” Povero said. “The goal is to obtain goods to either trade or sell for heroin."

"If it could potentially help them too, get the help that they need and get them on the right track, then it's mutually beneficial,” Timothy Coons said.

Povero said other area towns and cities across the state are interested in this technology in an effort to curb crime.

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