Local business helping Apple Farm after devastating fire

The Rail Side Market and Cafe is selling The Apple Farm products to help the business as they get back on their feet after a devastating fire in November.

A Victor business is pitching in to help The Apple Farm, which burned to the ground just before Thanksgiving.

The Rail Side Market and Cafe is selling their cider and donuts while the farm gets back on their feet and rebuilds.

The owner of The Apple Farm, Bejan Bahai, said he is extremely grateful a local business is stepping up and supporting another in the community, but he said the reality is that he has a long road ahead of him.

Jeff Smith owns the Rail Side Market and Cafe in Victor. He said The Apple Farm's cider and donuts are best-sellers.

"They are delicious!" Smith told 13WHAM News. "They are a huge hit, huge. They are selling like crazy!"

On November 4th, Jeff Smith said he was driving to work when he saw The Apple Farm in flames.

"I could not believe that it happened and how devastating it could be for the family who owns it," Smith said. "They have been around for years, and when they lost their store, people were devastated they could not get their products anymore."

Smith decided to lend a hand and carry their products in his store.

"You always see the place loaded with cars and to have it happen just before Thanksgiving is devastating," Smith continued "They are a local business, and we are a local business. We wanted to support local."

He said the cider and donuts are flying off the shelves and that new deliveries come every other day.

Smith said the community is patiently waiting until the Victor staple is back, no matter how long it takes.

"People are really happy they are going to start rebuild again," Smith said.

The owner of The Apple Farm said he has always been aware of how much he depends on the community to sustain his farm and that he looks forward to building something better for the whole community.

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