Local oral surgeon uses Kodak-based technology in his practice

    Dr. Pitcher uses the X-Guide Surgical Navigation System to seamlessly place a dental implant more accurately.

    Dr. Don Pitcher grew up in Rochester when Kodak was king.

    "Kodak made Rochester the imaging capitol of the world," Pitcher told 13WHAM News.

    He now practices oral surgery in Pittsford and said Kodak is still alive. He is one of two oral surgeons in the state to use the company's imaging in his practice. 3D images are captured with the technology originally created by Kodak and merged together to create a 3D rendering. Dr. Pitcher is then able to seamlessly transfer the images to the X-Guide Surgical Navigation System.

    "It is basically an in-office GPS system that allows us to place implants in a more efficiently, minimally invasive manner that allows our patients to recover faster," he said.

    Pitcher said this technology provides real-time, turn-by-turn guidance for less-invasive surgery and more accurate placement of dental implants. New research also shows this method is 11 times more accurate and can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

    "This same type of technology has been used for many years by neurosurgeons to remove brain tumors," Pitcher added.

    He said this technology is taking off and keeping Kodak and Rochester on the map. Carestream bought the technology and uses it frequently.

    "It is now being researched for the removal of wisdom teeth," Pitcher continued. "To see this technology bring digital dentistry so far and to allow us to make advancement and introduce a new type of imaging technology to the area is really very special."

    Dr. Pitcher said giving patients more confidence, a bigger smile and better first impression are some of the best perks of his job.

    "I look at it as, I'm treating the entire person, because your face is your first impression you give everyone when you meet them," he said.

    Pitcher said his love of medicine, dentistry and surgery made oral surgery a perfect fit for him.

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