Mark Assini apologizes for anti-gay blog written ten years ago

A rally was held Wednesday in regard to comments posted a decade ago by congressional candidate Mark Assini (WHAM photo)

Rochester/Gates, N.Y. - Members of the LGBT community rallied by the Genesee River Wednesday to denounce comments made by Congressional candidate Mark Assini.

Assini is challenging Democratic Incumbent Rep. Louise Slaughter in the 25th Congressional District race.

Local Democrats organized the rally, along with members of the LGBT community. It was both political and personal for those who were there.

They denounced anti-gay comments Assini wrote in a conservative blog ten years ago.

Assemblyman Harry Bronson, who is openly gay, said these aren't comments we should be hearing from someone running for Congress. Bronson said it doesn't matter if Assini wrote the blog 10 years ago; the words are out there, and they are hurtful and offensive.

Bronson said it also shows that Assini doesn't support the LGBT community like his opponent does.

Bronson said Rep. Louise Slaughter has always supported gay rights and gay marriage and that support has never wavered.

Assini said he wrote the blog years ago and has since changed his views.

Assini apologized to the LGBT community and told 13WHAM News he regrets writing that blog.

He said at the time, he opposed gay rights and gay marriage. But since then, he said many family members and friends have come out and he realized he no longer felt that way.

He deleted the blog two years after writing it, thinking it was gone. But now, Assini acknowledges he should've known it would always be out there.

Assini said he planned to bring it up during campaign debates but is responding now and apologizing because the blog was leaked and he doesn't want people to think he still has those views.

He said he will not support any amendment to ban gay marriage and insists he does support gay rights.

But Bronson said actions speak louder than words.

He said an apology is good, but said Assini needs to prove his support through actions to support the LGBT community.

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