Neighbors on house explosion: "Sounded like the world blew up"

Henrietta house explosion

It was a loud bang. Then, flames.

That was the description many neighbors and residents gave when asked what they heard when the house on Buckley Place exploded.

According to Monroe County Sheriff's deputies, a car ran into a garage at 134 Buckley Place and hit a gas line.

The couple living in the home, Eugene and Louise Upshaw, were able to get out safely and call 911 before the explosion.

Harley Dixon, who lives nearby, said the explosion shook the neighborhood.

"I was eating breakfast in my house two houses over and it sounded like the world blew up," Dixon said.

Another neighbor, Art Keeler, said the house became engulfed in flames quickly.

"I've been standing out here watching it melt away," Keeler said. "My God, it's just terrible. I can't imagine if it were my house."

No one was injured in the explosion.

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