New England slammed by storm; "Snow was coming in fast and heavy"

SIMSBURY, CT (WHAM) - New England is being hit hard by a major winter storm. The storm dropping as much as a foot and a half of snow in some parts the area.

13WHAM’s Matt Molloy grew up in Connecticut. He spoke with his mom today who is riding out the storm in Simsbury, in the central part of the state.

She says her office notified her early this morning they would be closed and by early afternoon they had more than 14 inches of snow.

“There’s no school today. The governor is telling everyone that doesn’t have to go to work, don’t go to work. The malls are closed around the area. Only essential workers – firefighters, police, hospital workers and security people are supposed to be on the road. Everybody else is supposed to stay home,” she said.

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