One dead, seven hurt in Sunday morning shooting

Mass scene shooting after sunrise

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - One person is dead and seven others hurt following a shooting early Sunday morning in Rochester.

The incident happened around 2:00 a.m. at The Mexican Village nightclub in the area of Lyell Avenue and State Street. Once on-scene, police found several people who had been shot.

One individual, a 29-year-old city resident, died at the scene. Seven others at the scene were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. Some time later, an eighth victim was dropped off at a hospital by a private vehicle.

The ages of the latter seven individuals range from 21 to 30 years old.

The Rochester Police Department says a fight had started inside the club and eventually moved outside.

The shots were fired outside of the building.

In a statement released from Strong Memorial Hospital, they say two patients are in guarded condition, two patients are in satisfactory condition and two patients have been discharged.

Mayor Lovely Warren issued a statement on the incident:

"Yet again, someone in Rochester reached for a gun to resolve a conflict. And yet again, another life is lost, innocent people are injured, families are devastated and our entire city is suffering. Yet again, one senseless act makes us ask: Why?

Why is it that some people can only use violence to cope with a situation? Why is a gun the tool of choice to settle a dispute that certainly cannot be worth the cost of so much suffering?

We know the answers to these questions are buried deep in a myriad of issues we are trying to resolve. But none of those issues - not one - offers an excuse for an action like this. As we strive to make our city better, all of our efforts begin with a love and appreciation for human life and the knowledge that every man, woman and child has a right to reach their full potential. We cannot and will not tolerate this level of depravity and wanton disregard for human life.

My heart aches for the friends and families of the victims, and I ask our entire city to join me as we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

To the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime: Make no mistake. The Rochester Police Department and all of our partners in law enforcement will not rest until you are apprehended and brought to justice. You have forfeited your right to walk free in society. Your arrest will make our streets safer -- and you will be arrested. Anyone who tries to hide you or help you escape justice will also be arrested. You will not find a safe harbor in our city. You ended your own life as you know it when you reached for that gun.

Finally, I want to once again offer my deep appreciation for the men and women of the Rochester Police Department for their rapid response to last night's incident, which brought calm to a chaotic crime scene and preserved valuable evidence in those crucial moments. Your dedication to the citizens of Rochester is beyond measure."

Police say 40 people were in the area at the time of the incident and are being interviewed.

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or Crime Stoppers at 423-9300.

Chief Michael Ciminelli stated there is no evidence that the general public is in danger.

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