His sentence cut in half, serial flasher strikes again in Victor, police say

Victor, N.Y. (WHAM) - Police call him a serial flasher who exposed himself to school children and others in more than a dozen communities seven years ago.

Now, Paul Goodrell is under arrest again; he was out on parole after his prison sentence was cut in half.

Two 11-year-old children say he stalked them through a store in Victor repeatedly exposing himself, even as they tried to get away. According to court papers obtained by 13WHAM's Jane Flasch, the siblings say they were approached in the marker aisle at Michael's Arts and Crafts in Victor January 22 by a partially-nude man.

One of them told police, "We tried acting like we didn't see him. We walked away and he kept following us." It's alleged in the police statement that, at one point, Goodrell got so close he bumped into the child's back.

The other 11-year-old stated, "He was touching himself. We just kept trying to walk away."

13WHAM News has learned he is the same man who exposed himself so many times in so many locations, he became known to prosecutors as "No Pants Paul."

But it's no laughing matter. He is a level three sex offender, and prosecutors say in the past he broke into schools specifically to expose himself to children.

Security camera footage showed him inside Newark Middle School in 2006 just before exposing himself to a group of girls. In 2010, he did it again at a school in Auburn. Instead of a misdemeanor, prosecutors charged him with sexually-motivated felonies.

At the sentencing for the most recent crime, a judge banned Goodrell from Cayuga County and gave him 12 years in state prison.

But an appellate court later called that sentence "unduly harsh," and cut the sentence in half, even while acknowledging Goodrell's extensive history. His rap sheet dates back to 1986 and is several pages long, longer than he is tall.

In 2010 alone, he was arrested for exposing himself to a woman at the laundromat on Main Street in Brockport; the arrest occurred after a slew of other incidents, including exposure to girls walking to school in Irondequoit, another to a girl waiting for a bus in Greece, and incidents in parking lots at SUNY Brockport and Geneseo, MCC and a dozen other locations.

Goodrell is now under arrest again. He's charged with endangering the welfare of a child and public lewdness. His parole has been revoked and he is in the Livingston County Jail.

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