Police: Husband, wife dead in murder-suicide at home on Mt. Read Boulevard

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - Police said a husband and wife are dead after a murder-suicide at a home in Greece Wednesday.

Police say this happened at a home on Mt. Read Boulevard near Stone Road.

According to police, officers were called when the woman did not show up for work at an independent living center across the street. Police did a welfare check and found two people dead inside the home with gunshot wounds.

The two were identified Friday morning as 74-year-old George F. St. George and 63-year-old Margaret M. St. George.

A handgun was found in the home at the scene.

The couple was in their 70s, according to police.

Neighbors said the woman had recently filed for divorce. One neighbor who has known the couple for 10 years says the divorce was contentious. The woman was reportedly serving papers this past week and started moving belongings out of the home. She reportedly came back late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

Jim Caluneo lived next door to the couple and has known them since they married 10 years ago. He also went to their wedding.

"They were just consummate neighbors and a wonderful family," Caluneo recalled. "We shared birthdays, Christmases, Christenings, everything."

He said they were everyday neighbors, something that's very rare nowadays. He said both families were in touch almost daily.

Caluneo said the wife had filed for divorce just last week and that she was getting ready to move out, taking some things out of the home over the weekend.

"We were concerned to see them split up, and naturally, he was going to have the house," Caluneo added. "The breakup and everything, it's traumatic."

He said shock and disbelief was all that crossed his mind when he got the phone call early Wednesday morning.

"Then this happened; we did not expect this at all," Caluneo told 13WHAM News. "We didn't see anything. No anger, no name-calling, no threats. Everybody in the family was trying to implore them to keep it together."

Jim also mentioned the husband was an avid hunter and outdoorsman, with many guns inside the home.

"We never even thought about that," Caluneo said. "We are just shocked, just shocked."

The Greece police chief said there is no danger to the public. He said officers will continue their investigation through interviewing dozens of family members friends and colleagues, to figure out what happened and when. He said the police department will also investigate whether or not there were any prior domestic violence calls at the home.

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