State Police: Two people arrested for sex crimes against children

Tristan Mayes and Janiet Simonds (Photo: NYSP)

Ontario County, N.Y. - State Police have arrested and charged a couple for sex crimes against two young children over the course of three years.

Tristan Mayes, 31, is accused of committing sexual acts against a one-year-old girl and six-year-old boy.

His girlfriend, Janiet Simonds, 26, is accused of engaging in sexual contact with Mayes while the children were abused.

State Police investigators also have Mayes' computer and believe it may contain evidence pointing to child pornography and more potential victims.

13WHAM is not identifying the victims, but the six-year-old boy's father spoke with 13WHAM on the chance Mayes was in contact with other children.

He said, "He used a stuffed animal, showed us the motion, told us who was doing what to who. Six-year-olds shouldn't know that."

The boy's father confronted the pair who say they were merely disciplining the boy. "He [6-year-old] was saying that Tristan was hurting him. I brought it up and they said, 'Oh he's just punishing him different, or standard punishment.'"

Mayes faces a charge of predatory sexual assault against a child, which is the most serious sex crime on the books in New York, and carries a possible life sentence if convicted.

Mayes is in Ontario County Jail without bail.

Simonds faces a charge of criminal sexual act in the first degree. She is also in Ontario County Jail as of Friday on a $5,000 cash bail and $10,000 bond.

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