Rash of car thefts, burglaries reported in Greece

Rash of car thefts, burglaries reported in Greece (WHAM Photo)

GREECE, N.Y. (WHAM) –- Police in Greece are urging residents to lock their doors after a week of reported car-break ins and thefts in the town.

Neighbors on Spring Lane say there has been at least three vehicles either burglarized or completely stolen in the last week.

Tony Catalano says his Chevy Suburban was burglarized on Thursday around the same time one of his neighbors had her truck stolen Thursday morning.

“At first I was going crazy and then I called the police,” said the female neighbor who 13WHAM is not identifying.

Catalano says he heard strange noises Thursday night, but didn’t think to check outside.

“They opened the door and ransacked,” Catalano said. “They threw everything out, took all the change, cigarettes, and cigarette lighters.”

Greece Police says they’ve been actively investigating these incidents throughout the town. Neighbors say police are advising people to invest in home surveillance installations.

“I lock the garage door now,” Catalano said. “I lock everything.”

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