RIT student shares stage with Adam Levine, signs song

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- He's the RIT student who made a lot of Maroon 5 fans jealous last weekend. Bryan Cammerino found himself on stage singing and signing with Adam Levine.

18-year-old Bryan Cammerino went from nose bleed seats to standing on stage with the singer.

"I feel like I'm dreaming, it doesn't feel real,” said Cammerino.

It was Maroon 5's Sunday concert at the Blue Cross Arena. Cammerino, a first year RIT, student has been a fan for years. His mom pitched the idea of him signing a song to a friend in the industry. The band loved it.

"I don't get nervous often, but I was definitely nervous. At first you couldn't see anyone in the audience, then all of a sudden you could see everybody,” said Cammerino.

Cammerino found himself on stage for the song "payphone.” Then lead singer Adam Levine walked right over to him.

"When he came next to me I knew that everyone was looking at me. It wasn't just like most people are looking at Adam, I'm just here. It's like everyone sees me,” said Cammerino. "He gave me a thumbs up when he was leaving from standing next to me. He seemed like he enjoyed it. All the audience loved it so that's always great.”

RIT shared the video on Facebook where it's approaching one million views. Signing songs is a passion for Cammerino. He sees it as an opportunity to bring people together.

"You can connect the hearing and the hard of hearing, which includes the deaf community, all together,” he said. "I think that this could be a new thing. Signing songs and just expressing the emotions behind the songs as well."

You can see more of Cammerino signing songs on his YouTube page.

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