Silicon Valley publishing company calls Rochester 'perfect fit' for expansion

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A company based in California's Silicon Valley will be expanding in Rochester with the promise of creating new jobs.

Atypon, a software company specializing in online publishing, moved into the High Falls district of Rochester recently.

CEO Georgios Papadopoulos started the company 21 years ago with the sole purpose of putting science online. They help to publish scholarly journals and other content online.

Papadopoulos said the decision to expand in Rochester is an easy one.

"There is a lot of talent in Rochester, we feel," Papadopoulos said in an interview Wednesday with 13WHAM News. "It's a beautiful area. That's essentially the combination that made Silcon Valley. Silcon Valley was a place which had two very strong universities."

Along with the universities, one of Papadopoulos' employees was moving back home to Rochester. Papadopoulos said it was a good opportunity to move in.

The CEO calls High Falls a perfect fit.

"It is central; we like a central location," Papadopoulos said. "We like our employees to be able to go out for lunch and participate in the life of the community. It is also a very beautiful area with the river running behind our building, it's a natural beauty."

Atypon plans to hire 40 additional workers, mostly software engineers and technology-related jobs. More information on applying for positions can be found here.

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