State of emergency in effect for Greece

GREECE, N.Y. (WHAM) - A state of emergency was declared Wednesday evening in Greece.

All schools in Greece will be closed Thursday, according to Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich.

Hundreds of trees are down in yards and across roads throughout the community.

According to Reilich, every police car in the town is out on the road. Some officers are in Department of Public Works trucks. Despite all of this, Reilich said they still cannot accommodate all the intersections that are down.

The emergency services are handling hundreds of calls from residents.

Diane Nihlak says she was happy she had a flashlight nearby. It was the only way she could get around her home.

"I'm reading my Kindle and wrapped up in a blanket and just waiting for my power to go back on hopefully," she said.

Nihlak says it was a frightening day at times.

"When you think about what's being ripped off your house. On the way home looking at people looking at the roof flapping in the breeze," she said.

Reassurance came when her son walked through the door.

Just down the road, Adam Michael Shirley rode his bike, flashlight in hand, to check on his mom. He couldn't get a hold of her all afternoon.

"Just wanted to go in and check and make sure she's doing ok. Weather be damned," said Shirley.

Some photos show a section of the roof blown off of Greece Arcadia Schools.

You can see closings information here.

More than 131,000 customers across the western New York region are without power.

13WHAM News will continue to update this story.

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