Survey: NY school buses illegally passed 32,000 times a day

School buses illegally passed

Albany, N.Y. - A new survey estimates school buses in New York are illegally passed by cars more than 32,000 times each day.

According to the New York Association for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT), a survey looked at 29 school districts on December 16 to measure how many vehicles illegally passed school buses.

In the participating districts, 912 school bus drivers reported they were passed 592 times, which included nine passes on the passenger side of the school bus.

When that rate is applied to more than 50,000 school buses in New York State, the total estimated illegal passing rate is 32,456 passes for that day.

Similar surveys were conducted in October and November. The month of October counted 19,129 illegal passes and November counted 30,735 illegal passes.

"We continue to see motorists pass our school buses at alarming rates," NYAPT President David Adam said. "The motoring public really has to get serious about Stopping for Stopped School Buses...for the safety of our children."

NYAPT is seeking legislation that will allow cameras to be mounted on the stop arms of school buses and the evidence from those cameras to be used to prosecute motorists who pass stopped school buses illegally.

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