Syracuse woman is "Angry Splash Mountain Lady"

Angry Splash Mountain Lady

She's been dubbed the "Angry Splash Mountain Lady" on the internet. The woman has become an internet sensation after a trip to Disney World.

You may have seen the photo splashed across your Facebook feed. Her real name is Jordan Alexander from Syracuse.

"We were in the park the whole day. We had the baby, We had my in-laws," said her husband Steven.

Steven was supposed to be on the ride with her.

"It was hot and I was getting tired, but she really wanted to go on Splash Mountain and I had promised her earlier that I would go on it with her. At the time I was just beat I said I don't think I'm going to go on Splash Mountain. She said, 'Fine then I'm going to go on by myself!"

Jordan went for the solo ride. The rest of the family waited for her at the gift shop.

"She marched up to me and held out the picture and she said here I did this for you!" Steven said. "I took one look at the picture and we just died laughing and later on she said you should really post this on the internet, it will probably go viral."

Steven first shared it on Reddit, and then it got 2 million views on Imgur. Even a spoof twitter account popped up.

"She just gave the perfect, perfect husband death stare at that camera and I'm glad a lot of people get it in the spirit it was intended," said Steven.

Now photoshopped versions are cropping up.

"The Mona Lisa one cracked us up the first time we saw it we just died laughing. Then the one where she is photoshopped in with all the current politicians running for president was really hilarious," he said.

Steven says his wife is amused by it all and he of all people, has taken a lesson from it.

"Are you kidding? If I don't ride Splash Mountain with her next time the internet is going to have words with me!" he said.

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