Webster parents honor son after fatal lawnmower accident

Webster parents honor son after fatal lawnmower accident (Photo Courtesy: The Jack Foundation)

WEBSTER --- A 3-year-old boy, killed tragically in a lawnmower accident in Webster, is going viral on social media.

Jack Heiligman’s mother, Anne, tells 13WHAM that she may never come to terms with what happened to her oldest son on October 15.

Police say he was accidentally hit as a family member was mowing the lawn.

“It started off really simple with the blue lights,” said Anne Heiligman. “One person put it on Facebook saying, 'let’s put a blue light out for Jack,' and it spread like wildfire.”

Two weeks later, the “Jack Foundation” was born.

“He loved dinosaurs and he loved the color blue so we want to build educational and fun playgrounds something that would be fun and Jack would be proud of,” said Anne Heiligman.

The foundation's Facebook page has grown to 2,700 Facebook followers in the last two weeks. Heiligman says she also wanted to raise more than just money.

“A random act of kindness is a great way to start everything,” Heiligman said.

Since the launch, dozens of people have also posted stories of their acts of kindness, inspired by Jack.

“We want to go across the country with it,” said father AJ Heiligman. “Turning something horrible into a positive for everyone across the country.”

It won’t bring Jack back to his family physically, but it already has in other ways.

“We have a lot of sadness and it’s nice to see good things happening to people around us,” Anne Heiligman said.

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