White supremacy note lands on Pittsford residents' driveways

Residents in a Pittsford neighborhood say they are upset over pieces of paper left at their homes (WHAM photo)

Pittsford, N.Y. - A slip of paper pointing people to a white supremacy website is being distributed in a Pittsford neighborhood.

Some neighbors who live off of Knickerbocker Road tell 13WHAM they were shocked to find a disturbing paper show up near their trash bins on their driveways.

“I looked at it and I just thought, I don't want any part of this," said Kathy Purcell. “So I threw it away. That’s where it belongs, in the trash.”

The paper reads: "Making (Rochester) Great Again" and includes a website asking people to make Rochester whiter.

Neighbor Shannon Bryd also got one. She thought someone just a piece of scrap.

"Was weird because it had a something hard on one end,” she said. “Then, I realized it was like a little rock and it had this website and what I consider to be an offensive slogan of some sort."

The website the paper points to reads, in part, “This platform to network like-minded whites for the furtherance of the European-white heretical thinkers in mainstream society, we effort to shape society for a more definitive European-white future."

Byrd said she’s disgusted by this.

"That is so bigoted, so obnoxious to throw something in my neighborhood, in Pittsford, because possibility they think that that's going to fall on ears that want to hear it. It’s shocking," she said.

The Town of Pittsford was alerted to the note this week and made Sheriff’s deputies aware of it.

As far as they know, a couple of neighborhoods were targeted.

"It's a disappointment to see any of this kind of thing in your hometown, much less the region or anywhere else for that matter," said Town Supervisor Bill Smith.

Police tell 13WHAM this is not a crime; it's the same as someone handing out flyers.

However, if anyone finds one of these notes, they are asked to call 911 and file a non-emergency report.

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