Wish granted for dying father, Springsteen fan

Springsteen fan's wish come true

The boss is returning to the Blue Cross Arena next weekend and a Rochester woman is asking for your help to get to the sold out show.

Grace Granata says her father is a big Bruce fan. She grew up listening to Springsteen.

"My dad would wake us up on Saturday mornings playing the River album on vinyl," she said.

Later, the dad and daughter would attend Bruce's concerts -- 9 in all. They were hoping to make it 10 shows with his Rochester concert next weekend.

"First thing the day they went on sale, it two or three minutes after 10 and they were sold out," said Granata.

For most it would be disappointing, but for Grace and her 62-year-old father Joe -- it's a final chance.

Days after Christmas Joe was diagnosed with a highly aggressive brain tumor. He had surgery last month, but the prognosis isn't good.

"The surgeon says typically it's between 6 months and 18 months and most folks fall somewhere in the middle," said Granata.

Grace searched Stubhub and Craigslist for Springsteen tickets. She's not asking for a freebie, but can't afford the inflated prices. She's hoping someone will sell her a pair at face value.

"It's really all we want. It's kind of been our thing over the past few years, like I said 9 shows, we just want to make it to 10," she said.

She's shared her story on social media using the hasthag #getdadtobruce -- hoping to give her father a final show, he'll never forget.

"I know it's our last show and I think in his heart he knows it's our last show too so to just put the icing on the cake if you will. These last few months we just want to make the most of it and I think this would just be the ultimate," she said.

After interviewing Grace we reached out to the Blue Cross Arena. General Manager Jeff Calkins said they were so touched by the story, the management company SMG decided to donate tickets to Grace and her father.

So next weekend, the father and daughter will get to see Bruce once last time together.

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