Your Stories: Power restored to Webster family after lines cut

Power restored to Webster family after lines cut

Webster, N.Y. - A Webster family's power was restored Thursday, after being in the dark for nearly two and a half days.

Sandra Brannigan said RG&E turned off the power Tuesday morning.

"I'm extremely frustrated," said Sandra. "I just want people to know to pay your RG&E bill. It doesn't matter that it's the dead of winter. They will cut your power off. And you will need to take your dog cat children and everything you love to a warm place."

RG&E turned off her family's power Tuesday around 10:30 a.m. by severing the lines.

"It's visibly cut," said Sandra Brannigan. "They had to cut it from the main powerline to my house."

RG&E said a bill was past due and there was an electrical concern with a riser, which could start a fire if the lines were not cut.

The Brannigan's said the $268 bill slipped their mind, and that they paid it within hours of their power being turned off Tuesday. Sandra Brannigan said it would have been nice for RG&E to let them know about the safety issue before they paid an electrician $900 and sat in a 52 degree home for days.

She said in the two and a half days, she spoke to eight different representatives, but nobody came to turn their power back on.

"It's cold. It's too cold," Sandra told 13WHAM News.

Sandra said the cold home made matters even worse for her husband David, a disabled veteran with spinal injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and PTSD. The Brannigan's spent hours in their car, with their kids and puppy to stay warm.

Their message to RG&E customers, "Forget your mortgage! Foreclosure takes six months. Pay RG&E because in 30 days it's done!"

It was only about a half an hour after we placed a call to RG&E communications that they sent crews to repair the lines and restore the Brannigan's power.

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