You Paid For It: City eyesore demolished

Rochester, N.Y. - For decades, a house on Central Park in Rochester was owned by a state assemblyman.

It stood as an eyesore for at least two years - a decrepit example of zombie homes in western New York.

13WHAM News was the first to break the story in summer 2014.

State Assemblyman David Gantt had owned the property since 1985, but had sat vacant on the street over the last few years.

Neighbors complained that it was an eyesore, attracted vandals and led to crime along the street.

Gantt refused to pay a $720 tax, and in 2014, the city foreclosed on the property.

Neighbors were relieved at the foreclosure, but disappointed in their elected leader.

"Shame on you," Yolanda Richards said when asked what she wanted to say to Gantt. Richards lived across the street last year when the city foreclosed on the property. "Because if you there to represent the people, the little people, than you should set an example for what you're all about."

Last month, a city demolition crew finally tore the property down.

That cost taxpayers more than $25,000.

Neighbors told 13WHAM News, once again, they are relieved - and disappointed.

"They finally tore it down and we was glad because it made the neighborhood look bad," Richards said. "It's a shame that they had to tear it down and the taxpayer taking the fall for it. We're paying him to represent the little people and I'm quite sure he wouldn't want it sitting in his neighborhood."

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