Your Stories Update: Contractor Complaints

Monroe County, N.Y. - We first told you about a contractor accused of taking money from homeowners and not doing the job promised Wednesday. We are now learning a few customers are getting their money back.

Several homeowners reached out to 13WHAM about owner George Frisch of Dynabuild Construction Group, located on Stone Road, including Jadwiga Howard of Spencerport. She finally got her deposit of $1,950 back Thursday morning. Howard paid Frisch that deposit to build a new deck, but she claims Frisch never showed up to do the job.

Howard filed complaints with Ogden Police, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office. She isn't alone. Several other homeowners have reached out with similar stories.

Frisch appears reputable and legitimate. He promises to do the job, but once the deal is signed and the deposit is paid, customers claim Frisch misses deadlines and doesn't show up as promised.

Customers said they have been having issues for months.

Ogden Police Chief Christopher Mears says the complaints can turn into a criminal case. "If we have several complainants over a widespread period of time or even over a widespread number of jurisdictions that are complaining of the same type of services not rendered for payment," he said.

Chrissy Buduson of Greece hopes she is the next one to get paid. She says Frisch owes her $1,400 for a sliding door. She says she hired Frisch in January, but he still didn't have the job finished in August, She said that was when she turned to the Town of Greece.

Town of Greece Assessor-Building Inspector Leo Carroll says, "It could've possibly caused a collapse of the roof and the exterior wall where deficiencies were noted."

Carroll says Frisch never got a building permit for that job, and a town inspection the found the work was improperly done.

In another case, Liliana Marcello's parents in Spencerport feared a window company would put a lien against their home because Frisch never paid the company. Marcello says her parents paid Frisch $7,000 for the windows.

On Thursday, Frisch apparently gave the window company a check, but the company is waiting to make sure it clears.

Marcello says that still doesn't remedy her parent's situation. They paid Frisch nearly $21,000 for a sun room addition that was expected to be done in a month's time.

Now more than five months later, that room is still not finished.

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