Your Stories: Ceiling collapses, landlord nowhere to be found

Ceiling collapses on Enterprise Street

Rochester, N.Y. - A woman moving out of a Rochester house found quite a mess when she came back to pick up the last of her belongings.

Shaunte Dukes had lived in the house on Enterprise Street since 2013. But she decided to move because she couldn't get ahold of the landlord.

Dukes called 911 when she opened the front door Thursday and found water pouring from the ceiling that had broken in.

The mess trickled through the ceiling down to the first floor and all the way into the basement.

Dukes said the last time she paid rent was in September 2015 because she could not contact her landlord and they finally stopped showing up to pick up the checks.

She finally decided to move at the beginning of 2016.

"That's why I left, I was like, 'I'm not about to be stuck out looking for a new house,'" Duke said. "I got two disabled kids and I'm not about to be going through that with my kids, uh uh, ain't nothing I can really do, I can't find them."

13WHAM News also tried to track down the landlord, but was unsuccessful.

H2 Property Holdings, LLC is the listed owner. The address where they were listed had a For Sale sign out front.

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